Mobile Phone Comparison Engine

Steve Wagner

System Requirements

The client had an existing mobile phone section on their website which attracted a certain amount of traffic but they were keen to improve the traffic through the section.

Solution Provided

By importing an XML product datafeed which contained all products and deals available, we were able to develop a comprehensive search tool which allowed users to filter over 60,000 available deals down to a manageable level. We also used Search Engine Optimisation through a direct mobile phone comparison system which increased traffic dramatically.

Skills Used

  • Project Management
  • SQL Server
  • ASP.Net
  • VB.Net
  • Ajax Control Toolkit
  • XMl
  • Datafeed Integration Experience

Comparison Systems

Fair Web Solutions has had plenty of experience in the product comparison service industry and combined with a wide range of experience integrating product data feeds and an understanding of user based testing, we are able to develop a highly efficient, targetted search tool.