Financial Services Product Datafeed Integration

Steve Wagner

Project Requirements

The client offers a variety of financial products including : investments, savings, mortgages and credit cards. They utilise datafeeds containing the product information which is supplied by a 3rd party company. The client required integration of these datafeeds into their internal systems and then for the data itself to be used to power comparison tables and other features on their CMS-driven website.

Solution Provided

FWS developed a SQL Server database architecture to house the data from the various datafeeds in an efficient structure and then used web development and datafeed integration experience to process the datafeeds, which were in a mixture of formats including excel and XML, to import the data into the new database structure on a daily basis. From that point FWS created a number of stored procedures and an administration area which allow the client to create bespoke tables for each product type to use within their website with ease.

Skills Used

  • Project Management
  • Content Management System Experience
  • SQL Server
  • Datafeed Integration Experience
  • XML
  • Microsoft Excel Experience
  • ASP.Net/VB.Net
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Web Services Experience
  • SQL Server
  • HTML
  • CSS

Datafeed Services

Fair Web Solutions are able to help your business maximise their online offering by enhancing your website through the use of features such as product comparison tables and tools such as calculators. These may require data to be provided by a 3rd party on a regular basis and we can help with the integration of datafeeds to power this.

We are also able to structure amd create datafeeds for those companies having products or services they wish to distribute.