Automatic Email Marketing System

Steve Wagner

Project Requirements

With multiple lead generation forms on their website, the client required a bespoke email marketing solution which integrated into their forms and allowed new clients to be automatically added into their e-marketing strategy to receive targetted email marketing at scheduled intervals.

Solution Provided

Having initially identified the client used Microsoft Outlook Exchange, FWS developed an admin interface linking to a SQL Server database which allowed the client to create email templates and branded base templates, attach multiple recipients to individual emails, upload attachments and connect these to emails, track emails that were queued or had been sent, prioritise emails dynamically and adhere to standards regarding email delivery. There was also a mailbox management admin area which allowed the system to utilise active directories to relay emails from genuine email accounts which would enhance the delivery success of the emails whilst also providing a genuine reply address We then facilitated the integration of this software into the various website forms so that the email marketing could be controlled dynamically with only monitoring of reporting required.

Skills Used

  • Project Management
  • Content Management System Experience
  • Client Relationship Management Experience
  • Active Directories
  • Microsoft Outlook Exchange
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • SQL Server
  • HTML
  • CSS

Email Marketing Software

Fair Web Solutions are able to help your business maximise on the data captured by your lead generation forms. By understanding email marketing systems and Client Relationship Management Systems (CRMs), we are able apply our technical expertise to provide an online email marketing strategy through bespoke email marketing software.